Dr. Debra L. Stanley
Executive Director

Anne Marie Milun

Program Manager

Cherie Peay

Program Coordinator

Nicole Feldhaus


Dr. Heather L. Pfeifer

David Thomas

Dr. Gabriela Wasileski 

Dr. Melvin de la Cruz

Debbie Bradley

Certification Coordinator

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                                                                  Roper Academy Sessions

                                                                                                   February 18 - 23 (in-person)  &  June 3-7 (virtual)

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From our hearts to yours, a BIG offering of thanks to crime victim service providers, including Roper Academy Alumni Association (RAAA) who continue to bring  comfort and calm to the  lives of crime victims and their families, as well as kindred support to one another.                                                                                                                                                                          ~   Wising everyone peace and good health

“If someone listens, or stretches out a hand,

or whispers a kind word of encouragement,

or attempts to understand a lonely person,

extraordinary things begin to happen.”

–Loretta Girzartis

​What is RVAAM?

The mission of RVAAM is to provide a broad spectrum of basic advocacy training that will standardize the training of crime victim service providers in Maryland, thereby expand and enhance the level of professionalism within the victim services field.  As such, the Academy strives to increase participants’ knowledge of national, state, and local resources, and to provide an opportunity to network with other victim service providers.

In addition to its annual Academy, RVAAM sponsors advanced trainings for victim service professionals and victim advocates and provides additional networking opportunities through its Alumni Association. (Circa 2003)

         In 2023 the Roper Academy reaches its 20th year and completes its 25th Academy.