Dr. Debra L. Stanley
Academy Director, Faculty

Anne Litecky

Program Coordinator

Dr. Heather L. Pfeifer

Associate Director, Faculty

 Jene Traore

Program Coordinator

Dave Thomas



Debbie Bradley

Certification Coordinator 

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“If someone listens, or stretches out a hand,

or whispers a kind word of encouragement,

or attempts to understand a lonely person,

extraordinary things begin to happen.”

–Loretta Girzartis

​What is RVAAM?

The mission of RVAAM is to provide a broad spectrum of basic advocacy training that will standardize the training of crime victim service providers in Maryland, thereby expand and enhance the level of professionalism within the victim services field.  As such, the Academy strives to increase participants’ knowledge of national, state, and local resources, and to provide an opportunity to network with other victim service providers.

In addition to its annual Academy, RVAAM sponsors advanced trainings for victim service professionals and victim advocates and provides additional networking opportunities through its Alumni Association. (Circa 2003)

Congratulations Class of 2019 (summer) Graduates!


             FEBRUARY 17 to 21 (winter)  and  JUNE 1 to 5 (summer)  

                     Winter Applications Due Friday, January 31st