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                                                                       2025 Roper Victim Assistance Academy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Winter Session In-Person (February)  & Summer Session Virtual  (June)

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“I have been a mental health professional for over 20 years and a victim advocate in law enforcement for the past three years. During that time, I have attended much professional training. However, this one stands out as being far better than any of the others. The presenters were incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. Moreover, the carefully planned program allowed me to develop personally as well as professionally. I look forward to using my new skills to better assist victims of crime in becoming survivors of crime. I especially appreciate the opportunity to stay connected to the academy as well as give something back in my role as an alumnus.”
                 -Suzy Boisclair, Ph. D., Victim Advocate, Frederick Police Department
"I had the privilege to participate in the June 2004 RVAAM. An assembly of academics and professionals from a variety of disciplines and professions embarked upon a week of full itinerary. We concluded with an unbreakable bond of wisdom, resources and friendships. The forum provided an opportunity to dialogue, expand and heal. To those brave men and women who found the strength to disclose their personal testimonies of how they evolved from victims to become victors; and to those who dedicate a full time work week to provide support, assistance, and knowledge, I thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be in the midst of your growth."
                 -Cherie N. Peay, Maryland Department of Correction, Jessup Maryland  

“I am a better social worker, trauma clinician, and client advocate for having attended the RVAAM in 2010. My week there may have only lasted 5 days, but I will take with me what I learned for a lifetime. The speakers and trainers truly have a vast range of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Not only do I know that I can call any of my former classmates to network at programs or advocate for my clients, but I want to call them, as I know they share the same passion. I am enormously grateful for the new extended family I have as a graduate.”
               -Naomi Taffet, MSW, LCSW-C, Assistant Director of CHANA and Shofar Coalition Therapist, The Jewish     

                 Response to Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Trauma

 “After becoming appointed as the Victim / Witness Coordinator for the University of Maryland Police Department, I was very fortunate to attend and complete the 2008 Roper Victim Assistance Academy of Maryland (RVAAM). As a twenty-five year law enforcement veteran, the Academy provided me with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help assist my agency in becoming current with the services that are provided to crime victims throughout Maryland. The Academy had a monumental impact on my life by nurturing my professional needs in order for me to better aid victims. Beyond any doubt, the Academy experience provided me with critical information that helps me to share and educate other professionals. This is truly an experience of empowerment that will support any advocate who has
serving victims in mind.”
               -Corporal William A. Griffin Retired Police Officer, Executive Board Member (R.A.D.) Rape Aggression                                     Defense  Systems, and Co- Chair of the RVAAM Alumni Association’s Executive Board

“The training at RVAAM was excellent! I would highly recommend this to all advocates, law enforcement, trainers,  etc. who assist victims.  It is really nice to have the resources to fall back on when assisting students, staff or administrators at the university.”    Beverly Brooks, Former Training Coordinator, Public Safety, Loyola College

“It was the greatest feeling to learn side by side in a class room filled with other dedicated advocates at the academy. After so many years of effort, finally the victim service providers were given the opportunity to be recognized and acknowledged as the true professionals they are, giving their utmost dedication to the rights of victims. It was a real sense of credibility to our roles.”
                 Rosemary Raiman, Center for Abused Persons, Charles County, Maryland

“As the President of the RVAAM Alumni Association, it has been my honor to meet victim assistance professionals from all over Maryland.  I am confident that through the Academy, we are advancing the field of Advocacy, and continuing the great works of Roberta and Vince Roper on behalf of victims throughout the state.”
                Kimberly A. Vasco, Retired, Victim Services Office, Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office

"I strongly recommend any police personnel to attend the RVAAM.  The academy covers all types of victimizations and provides very useful information.  You get two huge binders one on state laws and issues and one on federal laws and issues. These manuals are extremely beneficial to any police department that is addressing accreditation issues or that wants to build or expand a victim unit. The fee is very modest for 5 days of training, the manuals, food, and board."             Debbie Tall,  Former Victim Program Director, Anne Arundel County Police Department,