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An Open Letter

to Victims

and Survivors

~ Carolyn C. Cosey

                        class of 2018   




                                                                      SUMMER SESSION IS VIRTUAL

                                                                                                                                             June 5-9, 2023  

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From our hearts to yours, a BIG offering of thanks to crime victim service providers, including Roper Academy Alumni Association (RAAA) who continue to bring             comfort and calm to the lives of crime victims and their families, as well as kindred support to one another.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Wishing everyone peace and good health!

Ignored and rejected

Overlooked and undervalued

Emotionally destroyed and physically damaged

These are the unwanted and unforeseen circumstances that victims endure.

To former victims, current victims, and sadly, future victims

We see you, we hear you, we stand with you!

To victims who believe your strength is invisible and believe that your story is not important

We will be your voices when the trauma prevents you to speak

We will be your strength when the system considers you weak

We understand it was not your choice to become victimized

We understand the difficulty in handling your own personal trauma

We understand it is not easy to forget.

You have experienced the unimaginable

But you survived

You WILL survive

Your survival is monumental

Your survival is unmatched

Your survival is continuous

Your survival is YOURS!

To the victims that have fallen

They are survived by family

They are survived by friends

They are survived by us, the advocates.

Their time with us may have come to an end

But their stories, their legacies are uninterrupted, unrelenting, and endless

Without these stories, these legacies, these survivors,

Empathy and compassion for this service would be scarce.

You are why we are here

So, believe me when I say

YOU matter, your story matter!

To the queen of victim advocacy, Ms. Roberta Roper,

Your resiliency, your passion, your empathy, your diligence,

Your unparalleled, and incomparable strength and survival has built the strongest foundation

Of what it means to genuinely care for victims

What it means to accurately serve victims

You are the epitome of a leader, a game changer, a SURVIVOR!

Thank you for paving the way

Thank you for entrusting the next generation to continue the mission

We will not fail you

Your legacy will flourish for the years to come.

and valued

Strong and courageous

Victimized but SURVIVED

Bent but NOT broken

To victims on the road to survival