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Accepting Applications for Summer          

Academy June 7 - 11, 2021                   

I n response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), all staff are available remotely via telephone and          

email. During the University System and State closures, we are NOT accepting hard copy or faxed        

     applications at this time.  Email applications to or contact Anne Litecky at            


     We so much appreciate and offer thanks to our crime victim service providers who                 

  continue to bring comfort and calm to the lives of crime victims and their families,          

  as well as support to one another in the field. Together we will get through this.               

                                   ~ Wishing everyone peace and good health.                            



Dr. Debra L. Stanley
Executive Director

Anne Litecky

Program Manager

Cherie Peay

Program Coordinator 


Dr. Heather L. Pfeifer

Dave Thomas


Dr. Gabriela Wasileski 

Dr. Mel de la Cruz

Debbie Bradley

Certification Coordinator 

Francis Beirut Poblete


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