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From our hearts to yours, a BIG offering of thanks to crime victim service providers, including Roper Academy Alumni Association (RAAA) who continue to bring             comfort and calm to the lives of crime victims and their families, as well as kindred support to one another.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Wishing everyone peace and good health!

Victim Services Training

Enhancement Program (V-STEP)

   …Bringing Crime Victim Training and Certification to Communities                                             

Purpose of Victim Services Training Enhancement Program (V-STEP)
The Victim Services Training Enhancement Program (V-STEP) expands the RVAAM mission to include 1) trauma responsive training to improve victim recovery; 2) regional specific evidence-based training with CEU’s; 3) regional access to state certification; and 4) support to develop strong regional linkages and victim services network. 

V-STEP Crime Victim Training Needs Assessments
In 2017, V-STEP conducted crime victim training needs assessments over a 6 month period, one in each region of the State. RVAAM alumni were highly encourage to participate.  Results from the needs assessments provide data that reflects specific training needs in each region of the State. The data will determine training topics for the 2019 V-STEP regional training schedule.  Benefiting from V-STEP trainings are service providers, first responders and all professionals who work with victims of crime. V-STEP provides quality trainings, locally and at no cost to attendees.  `

V-STEP Expands Accessibility and Ease of Application for Maryland Victim Assistance Certification Program (MVSCP)
In 2017, V-STEP coordinated with RVAAM Regional Advisory Groups to bring MVSCP certification preparation, guidance and testing to each of the five regions.  RVAAM alumni are eligible to apply for MVSCP certification, which include consideration for grandfathering. All are welcome to apply. For more information about the certification program contact Debbie Bradley, Certification Coordinator at bradleyd@harfordsheriff.org

V-STEP Coordinates RVAAM Regional Advisory Groups
With appreciation and thanks to the RVAAM alumni, RVAAM Regional Advisory Group members will predominantly consist of RVAAM alums.   The Regional Advisory Groups will identify training (all levels) and professional development needs, recommend qualifications needed in staff working for their agencies, methods to improve outreach, expanding education, certification recommendations for their agencies and communities, trends in their community for hiring criteria in the field, specific training topics that are of interest/needed within their communities, and other technical assistance needs and current related issues.  Advisory Group members are encouraged to host space for trainings, certification exams, and advisory board meetings, identify partners, create agency contact list/list serve to develop regional network systems, and help RVAAM staff identify overall needs within their community/region.

2017 - 2018 V-STEP Regional Crime Victim Trainings
The Roper Victim Assistance Academy of Maryland (RVAAM), V-STEP presented seven regional trainings, titled, TRAUMA TOOLS and RESPONSES.  Regional Trainings were one to two days in length with, three (3) certified trainers, and a state certification workshop offered on the last half of Day 2. In 2018, V-STEP continued to provide one-day trainings for crime victim service providers in agencies and organizations statewide on trauma, tools and responses.

2019-2023 VSTEP Trainings

The VSTEP Training Program offers online training throughout the year.  The training schedule for 2023 will be provided in January 2023.  Please return for additional information about our various training offerings in January.  

​                      Have a wonderful holiday season!

For more information about V-STEP contact Anne M. Litecky, Program Coordinator at alitecky@ubalt.edu or (410) 837-5055.